Choosing the right daycare center for your family can be a challenge. We are honored and proud of the happy testimonials we have received from our families and hope they help show you how special After School Plus truly is!

This is Maggie’s second full year at After School Plus, and I could not be more pleased with the quality of your after-school program. To pick my smiling daughter up every afternoon knowing she has completed her homework, has had fun active play time, enjoyed a real art class, and that she gets a quality piano lesson every week lessens the burden on our home schedule. When we arrive home together on weekday evenings there is opportunity for quality family time because of your well organized program and excellent staff. Thank you so much for the great care you give my child, it truly brings peace of mind to this hard working parent!


After School Plus is a blessing for our family and our community. No other childcare facility can compare to their quality and service. Owners Pat and Jennifer Britt go above and beyond to provide safe, affordable child care for pre and after schoolers. Not only do they provide school pickup, but they also provide tutoring, music, and soccer lessons (among other things). Children are provided homework help in a classroom setting with certified teacher oversight. Children and parents alike are treated like family in a warm, caring environment.

~Lynn Ethridge

I just wanted to write you a personal note of thanks for the tremendous amount of class you showed in the game on Saturday. The call you made to have your girls kick the penalty shot away after a missed call was incredible. You taught your girls and mine something way more important than soccer. Actions like this reaffirm my faith in people and give me strength to continue being the type of coach, husband, and father I need to be. I wanted you to know your actions had a big impact on me and my team. Thank you.


After the first few games Maddie wasn’t too excited about continuing to play (soccer), but now that she is seeing improvement in herself she is enjoying it so much more and wants to play next year!

~Nick Margadonna

Thank you so much for encouraging Brianna’s abilities. It is so nice knowing that our children are with people who truly care about them. I used to worry so much … when they were at other after school programs or summer camps, but I have no worries while they are at After School Plus. Saturday was lots of fun. I think we found her niche. I tried to live my dream through her and signed her up for dance a while back, but she lost interest after her first recital. This is definitely more her speed. Thanks!


We have taken our son to After School Plus since he started kindergarten at Blythe. He is in third grade now. We love that he has his homework done when we come to pick him up at night! He has a teacher at After School Plus who helps him with all of his Spanish homework as well as his English homework. His teachers through the past years have been an amazing help to him and to us! Our son also participates in the soccer program at After School Plus. It works out great because he gets his practice done for the week before we arrive and then we just go to the games on Saturday! Our nights are not tied up with sitting at practices. We are so glad our son is able to go to After School Plus!


My wife and I had concerns about if our daughter’s school work would suffer when she returned to work after ten years as a stay-at-home mom. Those fears have been put to rest because of After School Plus. Ms. Sue helps our daughter with her homework, keeps up with when she has assignments due and when she has tests so she’s sure to get her work completed first. Once the school work is done, then the fun starts… daily art projects that she can’t wait to tell us about or time in the gym playing games with new friends. After School Plus was a great find. We would (and do) recommend them to anyone. Thanks!

~Jim & Wendy

After School Plus is always willing to help make things happen for my children and helps them explore a wide variety of interests. My children are active and After School Plus helps foster that through the connected Legends soccer league, fishing, gym sports of all kinds and many outdoors activities and field trips during the summer program. I really appreciate that After School Plus transports my children from several Greenville County area schools – it’s helped me make school and activity choices for them that might not have otherwise been easily possible. Pat, Jennifer and the staff are welcoming and relate well to the children, reinforcing academics and good manners with the right amount of discipline and encouragement. My family has been at After School Plus for five years and I plan to be there for another five! Thank you!


I was looking for a safe place where my children could have fun, connect and most importantly – study and get homework done. There is nothing harder than to work a full day and have to come home and help the kids study just when they’re starting to get tired. It’s peace of mind to have a place where homework is done when you pick up of the kids. Add to that, after the work is done, they can play a variety of things. I found all of this at After School Plus and more. My daughter loves playing soccer; she practices as part of her after school time, so there are no additional practices. She’s part of a team that plays in a league on Saturdays. My son is engaged in the chess club, he loves it. Pat, Jennifer and Tim take great care of my kids. Lynette and Marti help the kids with their homework and studying. I could not be more pleased with the consistency and care the children get.


Our 3 kids range in gender, age and interest. Finding activities that everyone loves is a huge challenge. After School Plus always has something going on that keeps them begging to stay longer and excited to go back. Their after school time is full of play, homework, and the extracurricular activity that we wouldn’t otherwise have the time to participate like dance or soccer. Because of this, After School Plus makes us better and less stressed parents by allowing us to spend our precious evenings together as a family.

~Nichole Colby

 Thanks for taking the time to check in with the parents to make sure all is well and everyone is one the same page. Being a single mom, working full-time, I’ve really come to rely on After School Plus I appreciate everything y’all do and the flexibility you’ve shown me!


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