We LOVE Soccer at After School Plus!

After School Plus soccer teams play in the CESA recreational league
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Soccer Program in Mauldin SC

We have experienced and enthusiastic coaches!

After School Plus teaches your children how to play soccer with a concentration on a variety of areas, including:

Ball Skills

Dribbling a ball. Students will spend most of their time dribbling a soccer ball and coaches will demonstrate the proper techniques of dribbling (Each player will need a ball.)

  • Trapping a ball with a child’s foot, chest, thigh, and head
  • Kicking a ball properly. It is shocking how children who have played soccer for many years can not kick a ball properly!

The Game

Students will learn about goal kicks, corner kicks, indirect, direct kicks, off sides etc. Players will learn about runs, positions and spacing


After School Plus has beautiful irrigated Bermuda practice fields on site.

Even with older kids, we keep the practice moving with a concentration on technique (ball skill) so that when your child has the foundation of soccer skills they can become a good player. Also, in practice, we try to refrain from lines as much as possible so that players are constantly moving.

Soccer Coach

Patrick Britt holds a national D – coaching license. Pat played center halfback at Spartanburg Methodist College and Wofford College where he made all region and All-American. In his travels, he has played soccer on teams in Mexico, Spain, and Brazil, where he has learned different cultures and ways of playing the beautiful game. Patrick loves teaching children and playing soccer. The After School Plus soccer program is a dream come true for him because it allows him to teach children the fundamentals of soccer and the love for the game.

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