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Ms. Diana

After School Plus has an awesome music program!

Diana McElwee teaches 1-1 piano lessons at After School Plus and is also an after school teacher for students at Blythe Academy’s Spanish Immersion program.

She thinks the best part of working at After School Plus is being with children and sharing her time and knowledge with them.

Diana is originally from Colombia, South America and has been in the US since 2008. Most of her family is in Colombia, but she has family in Spartanburg as well. She met her wonderful husband Steve at a church event while visiting her sister!

She studied music at the National University of Colombia. She has a Bachelor’s in Music Education, piano and voice. She also studied Information Technology at the University in Bogota.

One thing most people don’t know about her is she paints, draws portraits and makes jewelry. She is a soprano singer specialized in Italian technique and Opera repertory. She sings in Italian, German, Spanish and English!

When she was younger she wanted to be an artist. The perfect day for her is a day spent with her family! Her favorite childhood memory is laughing and laughing every time they were at the table ready to eat.

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