National School Choice Week

Greenville Journal highlighted National School Choice Week with a great article. As National School Choice Week wraps up I’ve had a lot of questions about schools- specifically, “Is it a good school?” Giving advice about schools is a lot like parenting advice; I can only tell you what I know through my own experience with […]

The Art of Avoiding Power Struggles

Mom is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Ten-year-old Ryan asks for a candy bar. Mom says, absently, “Not right now. Dinner will be ready in an hour.” “Why not? I’m hungry now,” Ryan insists. “You know we don’t eat candy right before dinner, Ryan!” Mom says irritated. “Yeah, but I’m starving. Come on, just one little […]

Teaching Siblings To Get Along

Sibling rivalry may be as old as the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Fortunately, most conflicts between siblings don’t lead to the same tragic result, but they can be distressing to parents and children alike. To keep the peace in your household, follow this advice: Start early. Involve the older child before the younger […]

Tantrum Alert: How to Cope with a Toddler’s Meltdown

Temper tantrums are a part of life for any small child—and for every parent as well. They can be embarrassing, and even frightening, but for your child’s sake, and your own sanity, you need to understand them so you can deal with them constructively. Meltdowns can be very common in children from 1-4 years old. […]

Talking to Baby

Talking to children and answering any questions they may throw at you is one of the fundamental ways in which they learn. Talking, however, isn’t just important once youngsters have already mastered basic language skills, but well before they have even uttered their first words. Human beings aren’t born with language skills, but rather we […]

How To Teach Your Children To Be Safe At Any Age

Parents worry about their children; it’s a fact of life. Teaching them to be safe as they grow and explore is one of your most important jobs. But with so many potential threats to worry about, the task can seem overwhelming. Here are a few basics to concentrate on: Discuss safety calmly. You want your […]

Parenting the Teenage Brain Series, Part Three: What Works and What Doesn’t

Many parents struggle at times to connect with their teenage children. They sometimes find it difficult to get past the emotional highs and lows, the inconsistencies between what teens say and do, and the difficulty many teens have expressing their thoughts. Below are a list of common  strategies and their effectiveness. Lecture As many of […]

Parenting the Teenage Brain- Part Two: Parenting Styles

Despite his or her best efforts to convince you otherwise, your teen needs you and enjoys having you around. The statistics below back up this idea: “In one study, 84% of teens agreed with the statement that they think highly of their mother. More than three-quarters of teenagers (79%) enjoy spending time with their mother. Eighty-nine […]

Parenting the Teenage Brain: An Article Series for Busy Parents

As a parent of two children myself, I find it difficult to sift through the vast amounts of information regarding my children’s best interests at the same time that I am actively and daily caring for those best interests. Thankfully, as my children move into adolescence, this task is also part of my career and has […]

Indoor Air Dangers to Kids

Many people think of air pollution as only being a problem when you step outside. But the fact is, it can be just as big of a problem inside your home. Many normal household products emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs that can cause problems like headaches, rashes, nausea and eye and throat irritations. These […]