Indoor Air Dangers to Kids

Many people think of air pollution as only being a problem when you step outside. But the fact is, it can be just as big of a problem inside your home. Many normal household products emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs that can cause problems like headaches, rashes, nausea and eye and throat irritations. These […]

How to Make Time for Your Family

Keeping family relationships healthy can be more of a challenge than it should be in our workaholic, time-starved and cash-strapped society, and focusing too much on any one thing can often have a detrimental effect on family relationships. We are supposed to work in order to live and yet far too often these days it […]

How to Eat Out With Kids

A lot of people – particularly busy parents – enjoy dining out at a restaurant, but many parents can be decidedly nervous about going out to eat with their children because of how the children might behave during the meal. The good news is that there are a few tips that can help you make […]

Get Started on Reading to your Kids – Early!

Reading to your children should start early. Really early. The American Academy of Pediatrics recom­mends starting as soon as your children are born. Reading stimulates brain development and language skills, as well as fostering a closer emotional bond between parents and children. Remember these tips: Read widely. Infants respond to voices around them, so start […]

Parents and Children – We All Need Consistency

Children need consistency. After all, if the same action meets with smiles and praise one day and yelling and punishment the next, how are they supposed to make any sense of the world? Parents need consistency too. Without it, not only do they make a rod for their own backs in terms of their children’s […]