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Tim, Jennifer, and Pat welcome you to
After School Plus!

Patrick, Jennifer, and Tim welcome you to After School Plus!

After School Plus! was founded by Patrick & Tim Britt in 2006.  Patrick was running a tutoring business when he discovered a need for much better after school, so the two brothers took a 14,000 sq ft warehouse and made it into the 1st After School Plus.

In the spring of 2015 After School Plus! partnered with DanceArts Greenville & Greenville Gymnastics to bring education, arts and athletics all under one roof!

The mission of After School Plus is to fill a desperate need for good, quality after school care, where students can study for tests, finish homework and work on projects. After School Plus also offers art, music lessons, tutoring and soccer teams so parents don’t have to drive to extra curricular activities.

Jennifer Britt joined the company in 2012 after running a Club Z in-home tutoring franchise.  Patrick and Jennifer met in graduate school at USC. They have been married for over 17 years and have 3 children, all of whom have attended After School Plus.  Patrick and Jennifer both speak Spanish and have sent their children to Blythe Academy where they also learned Spanish. Jennifer learned Spanish in Equatorial Guinea while in the Peace Corps and Patrick learned Spanish while going to school in Seville, Spain.

Tim Britt runs the finances of After School Plus, after being the president of Top Tec tents. When Tim isn’t busy cheering on Clemson, he also takes the kids fishing whenever he has a chance at a nearby pond. Plus, he enjoys taking the students on walks through our nature center where he teaches them about flora and fauna in the woods. Tim is married with two daughters.

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